Domicil Real Estate AG collects growth capital in the framework of a capital increase

Domicil Real Estate AG has successfully concluded the capital increase which it had announced on 01.07.2022. In the course of the capital increase the real estate company was able to place 557,143 new shares with a fund for institutional investors. The offering price was 26.92 euros per share, thus making it possible to raise gross emission proceeds of approx. 15 million euros. Following entry of the capital increase on the commercial register, the number of shares issued by the company will increase from 7,614,286 to 8,171,429, therefore.

“We are pleased with the successful conclusion of the capital increase as we are working intensively on the development of our sales pipeline and would like to invest the lion’s share of the newly generated funds directly in the acquisition of new real estate portfolios throughout the whole of Germany. In the current market situation, we see considerable potential for our clients and for Domicil,” comments Khaled Kaissar, the CEO of Domicil Real Estate AG and its main shareholder.

“We look back on a long-standing partnership with Domicil. For this reason, it is all the more pleasing that we were able to broker and accompany the deal. As a consequence of its successful business model Domicil has secured its position on the market, with the effect that it is now ideally placed to continue on its growth path,” remarks Marcus Vitt, the chairman of the management of Donner & Reuschel Bank.

“The offering price which we attained clearly illustrates that in the current market situation institutional investors have acknowledged and support the potential of Domicil’s business model of making affordable housing possible for the mainstream of society,” adds Holger Lüth, Deputy CEO and CFO of Domicil Real Estate AG.

The core business of Domicil is the purchase and sale of residential real estate throughout the whole of Germany. The focus is on the acquisition of medium-sized to large portfolios of existing apartments and their timely resale to tenants, owner-occupiers and investors. This can encompass individual apartments as well as entire properties and portfolios. In addition, Domicil Real Estate AG makes its competence available to institutional clients across all stages of the real estate value-added chain – from the acquisition phase, through portfolio and asset management, to the later exit.

The capital increase was accompanied by the bank Donner & Reuschel AG and the law firm Ashurst LLP.

Domicil Real Estate AG collects growth capital in the framework of a capital increase