Domicil Real Estate Group - Property acquisition thanks to a strong partner

Property acquisition thanks to a strong partner

As a specialist for the management and purchase of established portfolio properties Domicil Wohnen GmbH is active in selected locations throughout Germany. Our experts advise you on all topics relating to the purchase of real estate – regardless of whether you are an investor or an owner-occupier.

As the basis for our operations we trust in a strong network of qualified sales partners. Find out here how you as a professional sales partner or referrer can help shape the success of Domicil Wohnen GmbH and strengthen our network.

If you have a query, please feel free to get in touch with the following contact person directly:

Domicil Real Estate Group - Daniel Preis

Daniel Preis

+49 89 411 115 712

Sales Partners

Portfolio properties as an investment are part of the core business of professional financial service providers and provide the opportunity to offer clients diversified wealth accrual. As a sales partner for Domicil Wohnen GmbH you enjoy access to selected properties for sale at sites throughout Germany and can avail of the all-round support provided by Domicil both before and after the purchase of the real estate.

Impress your clients with convincing arguments:

  • Diversification of the your clients’ wealth development
  • Attention-grabbing topic with a major media response
  • 100% fixed asset investment
  • Inflation-secure investment even in times of economic uncertainty


Furthermore, in brokering real estate you benefit from the following advantages:

  • High degree of customer loyalty
  • No cancellation liability (clawback)
  • Cross-selling opportunities, e.g. financing, repayment savings plans etc.


Profit from our strong network of experienced experts. Whether as a referrer or sales partner – secure numerous benefits for you and your clients:


Sales partner

You give your clients the opportunity to invest in real estate without personally having to provide advice.

You wish to advise your clients personally.

  • You benefit from the competence of our specialists.

  • You utilise our additional know-how and enhance your profile.

  • You utilise the liability umbrella of Domicil as a “tied agent”.

  • You have the possibility to further your expertise.
  • The personal consulting service of Domicil is performed in close consultation with you.
  • Upon request you can call in our experts to assist with the consulting process.


Well-informed – our service for you regarding all aspects of the real estate brokerage process:

As a Domicil sales partner you benefit from an established and trusted network in which banks, notaries and other cooperation partners facilitate a professional and swift transaction of the real estate purchase.

Our new sales portal provides you with fully digital assistance during the entire real estate purchase process:

  • Full transparency and overview of all your activities
  • Comprehensive economic sustainability calculation of the properties for your consulting
  • Online reservation process thanks to individual log-in access
  • Automatic provision of information on all innovations and status changes
  • Downloadable detailed property descriptions and additional sales documents such as exposés, deeds of partition and purchase contracts
  • Live updates of the reservation and sales status of our properties
  • In addition, a personal Domicil contact person is available at all times


  • Individual viewing of the property and explanation of its details
  • Personal consulting and advice for your client if desired
  • Discussion and explanation of purchase contract, deed of partition and purchase completion
  • Accompanying and preparation of appointments with notaries
  • Upon request: financing brokerage through long-standing bank partners through Domicil Finance GmbH
  • Optional individual training and further training for your consultants
  • Permanent inclusion of sales partners in the communication with our mutual clients
  • Professional building management – upon request also representation at homeowners’ association meetings
  • Comprehensive tenancy management for the owner
  • Development of rents for existing properties

Here you can find more information about a career as a sales partner for Domicil; there is also the possibility to register yourself. For direct access to the sales partner portal please log in with your access details

Condominiums for investors

Why is a portfolio property a worthwhile capital investment?

  • 100% fixed asset investment
  • Inflation-secure investment that maintains its value
  • Reliable form of retirement provision, even in times of economic uncertainty
  • Reliable investment without construction risk or unpredictable construction periods


As an investor you can profit from the extensive wealth of experience and the expert knowledge of the Domicil team. Thanks to favourable loans and state subsidy schemes, in cooperation with our experts at Domicil Finance GmbH we can also find a customised financing model for you.

At present there are approx. 1,300 apartments throughout Germany in the portfolio of Domicil.
In addition, we manage approx. 1,600 residential units for our clients.

  • All-inclusive package with the full range of services relating to real estate (building and tenancy management)
  • Planning of properties and administrative management
  • Safeguarding against the rent default risk through a rent pool (in part with an initial guaranteed rent)
  • Development and revitalisation of the properties, also in terms of energy efficiency (more on this in the references)
  • Fast rectification of any possible refurbishment backlog
  • Technical inspection certificate for each property

Condominiums for owner-occupiers

With the purchase of a property for owner-occupation our clients not only secure a retirement provision but also a proven increase in the quality of life. Utilise our many years of experience and take the step from being a tenant to becoming an owner – we will be pleased to accompany you and be the competent partner at your side.

Your benefits as an owner at a glance:

  • Guarantee against rent increases

Domicil Real Estate Group - Eigentum -
Domicil Real Estate Group - Miete -
  • Guarantee against termination of lease
Domicil Real Estate Group - Eigentum -
Domicil Real Estate Group - Miete -
  • Retirement provision and wealth accrual
Domicil Real Estate Group - Eigentum -
Domicil Real Estate Group - Miete -
  • Profit from future value appreciation
Domicil Real Estate Group - Eigentum -
Domicil Real Estate Group - Miete -
  • Right of co-determination on changes in building
Domicil Real Estate Group - Eigentum -
Domicil Real Estate Group - Miete -
  • Own savings instead of additional financial expense
Domicil Real Estate Group - Eigentum -
Domicil Real Estate Group - Miete -
  • Possibility for value appreciation
Domicil Real Estate Group - Eigentum -
Domicil Real Estate Group - Miete -

If you would also like to purchase a property for owner-occupation or as an investment, we will be pleased to accompany you as a competent partner with the following services:

  • Identification of the expected potential from savings and your individual possibilities

  • Professional financing consulting, upon request in cooperation with Domicil Finance GmbH

  • Preparation of your personal contractual details

  • Accompanying the entire purchase process including the discussion of the purchase agreement

  • Arrangement of and accompanying to appointments with notaries



Homeowners´ Association And Personal Property Management

Naturally the all-inclusive service of Domicil Wohnen GmbH includes competent consulting following the purchase of the property. More information is to be found here.

Domicil Real Estate Group - Current Properties

Current Properties

Here you can find an overview of our current properties.


Year of construction

1972 - 1974




Schweriner Straße 1-10 in 56075 Koblenz

Stralsunder Straße 1-17 (uneven) in 56075 Koblenz

Naumburger Straße 8 in 56075 Koblenz


  • Domicil Real Estate Group - Reference - Koblenz
  • Domicil Real Estate Group - Reference - Neu-Isenburg


Year of construction

1971 | 1972




Bahnhofstraße 233, Christian-Stock-Straße 1,

Erich-Ollenhauer-Straße, Fritz-Erler-Straße 2, 4, 6, 8,

Kurt-Schuhmacher-Straße 1, 5, 7, 9

in 63263 Neu-Isenburg

  • Domicil Real Estate Group - Reference - Koblenz
  • Domicil Real Estate Group - Reference - Neu-Isenburg
Domicil Real Estate Group - References


Here you can find an overview of the projects concluded by Domicil.



Total area

ca. 12.886 qm


Wunnensteinstraße 48, 48/1 in 70186 Stuttgart-Ost

Talstraße 69d, e, Gelber Weg 7 in 70188 Stuttgart-Ost

Offenbachstraße 16, 18, 20 in 70195 Stuttgart

Schwabstraße 33a-c in 70197 Stuttgart

Year of construction

1914 | 1991/1992 | 1970 1901/1950/1978






Total area

ca. 7.081 qm


Hoher Kreuz Weg 23, 25,

Plattlinger Straße 2-12 gerade, Plattlinger Straße 9-17 ungerade,

Deggendorfer Straße 1-7 ungerade, Deggendorfer Straße 23-27 ungerade,

Deggendorferstraße 26-30 gerade

in 93055 Regensburg

Year of construction

1954 | 1955





The Stage

Total area

ca. 4,250 qm


Grimmeisenstraße 27 – 35 uneven

in 81927 München

Year of construction





Frechen I


Total area

ca. 5,536 qm


Burgstraße 39, 41

Im Klarenpesch 49, 49A, 51, 51A

in 50226 Frechen

Year of construction

1994 - 1996