Property Management for all Asset Classes

At Domicil Real Estate Group more than 30 of our own staff and selected strategic partner companies are responsible for the management of the properties owned by our investors and clients, as well as for our own portfolio properties. The range of services provided by the department encompasses the commercial, technical and infrastructure property management of commercial real estate in all asset classes and extensive residential portfolios.

Our experts ensure the success of your real estate through

  • Efficient selection, management and monitoring of external service providers
  • Analysis and optimisation of the administrative costs
  • Cost transparency and reduction
  • Safeguarding the best-possible state of the building and its maintenance
  • Regular budget planning
  • Optimal prerequisites for leasing
  • Long-term yield stability

These measures ensure transparency and are the basis for reaching profitable decisions with regard to your real estate.

Leasing Service

Competent, transparent and with the focus on value appreciation and retention, our leasing experts are your reliable point of contact for the target-oriented (re-)leasing of real estate. In this respect, the Leasing department takes care of the entire processing of leasing tasks such as:

  • Apartment inspection and handove
  • Tenant prospecting
  • Attaining the maximum rent
  • Creditworthiness check for potential tenants
  • Rental agreement design
  • Apartment handover

Homeowners´ Association Management

Our team of experts for the management of homeowners’ associations assumes all the routine organisational and technical tasks, and above all:

  • The organisation and execution of condominium owners’ meetings including the implementation of the resolutions adopted by the owners
  • The preparation of bodies of rules for the respective buildings
  • The conclusion of contracts and establishment of contact to companies, utility companies, external service providers etc.
  • The planning and enforcement of the orderly maintenance/repair of common property
  • The management of common property
  • The preparation of homeowners’ association fees and budget plans

With their many years of experience, the experts at Domicil Real Estate Group always have an eye for the particular issues involved with the management of personal property. As the “all-inclusive contact person” for the tenants they are responsible for:


  • The monitoring of the condition of the apartments
  • All debt collection activities including credit control
  • The invoicing of incidental expenses/heating charges
  • The organisation and supervision of apartment renovations
  • The assessment of defects/malfunctions and assigning craftsmen to rectify these

Rent Pools

Through the management of rent pools we distribute the rental risk equally among all the members and thus balance out any possible loss of rental income. Our rent pool members benefit from:


  • A rent guarantee, e.g. in the event of vacancy/refurbishment/loss of rental income
  • The associated planning security for financing/investors
  • Transparent and clearly itemised payment flows